The Seaview Lodge, Nuku'alofa Kingdom of Tonga

Show Cooking at Waitangi Day

As part of celebrating the national Waitangi day (New Zealand Birthday), the Tongan NZ high commission hosted a cooking show allowing participants to use only NZ ingredients with a Tongan twist. Seaview was more then pleased to be considered by the High Commission along with two other participants.

Even with the borders closed, the few remaining New Zealander on the main Island of Tonga got together to celebrate their national day. Over 250 honorable guest joined the celebration. To give an eventful feeling to the day the High Commission organized a cooking show with the top restaurants of the island. Out of all dining facilities that existed, three of which where chosen and Seaview was amongst one of them. 

From the Seaview team, we are delighted of this recognition. We wish to carry on in maintaining and upholding our service standards and be the leading lodge and restaurant that provides outsanding services to our clients. 

Photo credit to Mr. GP Obrasanno.