The Seaview Lodge, Nuku'alofa Kingdom of Tonga

Tongan Hospitality

The Swiss owner has deep family connections in Tonga and his passion for promoting Tongan culture is reflected.

Seaview Lodge is an Ethical Tourism enterprise which invests in the local community and environment.

Managing Director Claudia Urban from Germany transformed in 2014 with the Tongan-Fijian Team the Lodge in a Gourmet Restaurant, and place where guests spend exceptional days in the Kingdom of Tonga.

The Seaview team values mutual respect, caring for others and continual learning. Training scholar ships are granted to young Tongans keen to advance. One former employee is studying in a top Swiss Hospitality School.


Most of the Lodge's energy and vehicle is generated by sustainable sources and through roof-installed solar panels, being part of the Energy transition in the South Pacific since 2014. 

Sustainable Tourism aims to respect both, Tongan culture and the planet. Seaview Lodge's guests can take the natural wonders of Tonga, while helping to conserve the South Pacific environment.